Saturday, August 24, 2013

Protected Flotsam...

What else can I say but where has this year gone?

I've been very neglectful of my blog and have to admit, my social media time has been spent on Instagram and Pinterest.  Please find me on both as flotsamfriends.

Anyway, what have I been up to and what have you been up to?

I took myself out of my comfort zone and started Open Studio in Sculpture at my local Tafe.  This has been the most rewarding experience.  Not only am I learning more as I have access to the most incredible teacher, but I'm now part of an art collective and have met some amazing women.  We're only a small group of six and we move mountains.  Our day in the studio is full-on.  The part I like best is when we stop for lunch in the sun and talk about the latest exhibition we've seen or heard about.  We also talk about each others latest work and help each other along.  I feel I've really found my place creatively.  

I thought I'd share with you today my first piece of sculpture.  This flotsam I found up north over the Easter school holidays.  The beach there isn't in a good way.  This incredible, tangled sea sculpture has so many things woven within it.  Seaweed, driftwood, black coral, sand, fishing line, vines.  Who knows how long it tumbled along the sea bed until it was finally washed up to shore.  My idea is 'protection'.  I wanted to show it off and preserve it.  I'm now in the process of finding a place to hang it in our tiny beach shack.  I can't wait.

Let me know about your year so far?  What have you been up to?  Px

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My 'Love Is In The Air' Mobile

Happy Valentine's Day 2013.

I loved the idea of using different sized hearts to create something whimsical, bright and fun this Valentine's Day.  

I finger knitted (fabulous tutorial here by Jill @ Lune Vintage) pre-made cane and wire hearts (I bought these from Shamrockcraft) with wool and then made my own hearts using wire.  I threaded them with colourful and crazy shaped beads.  I also used shells.  

I was then stuck...

After a conversation with my 12 year old, he designed me this.

I thought it was awesome.  So I used a pre-made a cane ring and finger knitted it with gold thread to make the mobile crown.

I used a champagne cork wire to use at the top.

Then, with thin copper wire, I used a dream catcher technique to make a base to tie the love hearts onto.

Here it is hanging in my work space.

It's now hanging with pride under our mantlepiece. 

I found this perspex chandelier at a local thrift shop.  
I'm hoping it will light up when the sun hits it.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Making Stuff...

I wasn't the best blogger last year!  I was concentrating more on opening my Etsy shop and my Facebook Page, Pinterest and Instagram.  I seemed to lose touch with my own blog but still enjoyed finding inspiration through yours.

I must say, I'm embarrassed to say I've sold nothing from my Etsy shop.  I spent so much time on it I'm now actually quite disillusioned.  Girlfriends who've bought my sea dolls think they need to be seen to be truly appreciated as they're tactile and photos of them just don't do them justice.  I think they're just trying to make me feel better!  What are your thoughts?!!  Where should I go from here?

Here are some of my favourite creations from 2012 and early 2013.

How is 2013 treating you so far?  I must say mine is cruising along just fine (for the moment).  My boys have settled back into school really well (believe it or not) and I'm enjoying creating again.  I've also decided to not be so hard on myself this year and to go with the flow and accept things as they come.  I'm not going to overcommit to things I really don't enjoy and am going to do more things that I love or have never tried.    Well, that's the idea anyway.  Love, Px

Bead and wire love heart
Sea dolls.  A favourite family
A very special sea doll made for Luke's Kindy buddy, Poppy
My Eclectic Paper Wreath
Inspired by Family Chic blog 

No year of mine is complete without a few God's Eyes.
This one was made with driftwood I painted

I loved making this wire and bead Christmas Tree.
This is up at our Caravan.
Inspired by Handmade Charlotte. I adore her version and blog.  You really should stop by

I made and sold a few of my driftwood Christmas trees

I even made a shell and bead garland for one of them
My shell Christmas Wreath which I made for my best friend, Jacqi who now lives in LA
Luke, my son painted the love heart which made it extra special

My son Gus's Advent Calendar.  Inspired by Sweet Paul
I wanted to make him this as he's a Christmas Day baby and also before he thinks it's too uncool.  He was nine so I'm thinking my days for this type of thing are well and truly numbered!

Every matchbox was individually wrapped with awesome paper

I made this sweet copper crown..
Inspired by the Christmas edition of Country Style magazine

And my favourite.  This driftwood salad bowl!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Escaping The Masses...

We're back from our Caravan up north where my boys and I have been blissing out for a month.

We celebrated Christmas Day there (along with Gus's 9th Birthday) with my sister, her partner and his children.  

We had friends from Sydney drop by on their way up the coast and my cousins and their children rented holiday houses near the caravan park.  

I loved spending time with the other families who stay in caravans near ours.  People from the country and city, it doesn't matter what our backgrounds are, when we're in the caravan park, we're all one.   

As always, I'm having major culture shock being home.  I love living in Sydney but I also enjoy escaping the rat race.

I thought I'd share some of my family photos with you. 

Are you on Instagram?  I'm addicted.  

Looking forward to catching up with you. Px

Each day I walk 4kms up Big Beach
I love being alone

Beach bling.  Bought at a local market

I always come across something interesting.
Last year it was a brown snake at the waters edge!

My lonely footsteps

I also spend time exploring the rock pools and 'hard to get to' coves.
I love collecting flotsam to use in my sea dolls
Sometimes I just sit and take it all in.  I can do this for hours

The four of us on Christmas Day

My big nine year old

My little sister and I

My favourite cousin

Little Beach at magic hour (my favourite)

Little Beach and our magical spot on New Years Day

That's Elephants Head in the background
And when I arrived home, this was waiting for me.  From gorgeous Jacqi who lives in LA