Friday, January 25, 2013

Escaping The Masses...

We're back from our Caravan up north where my boys and I have been blissing out for a month.

We celebrated Christmas Day there (along with Gus's 9th Birthday) with my sister, her partner and his children.  

We had friends from Sydney drop by on their way up the coast and my cousins and their children rented holiday houses near the caravan park.  

I loved spending time with the other families who stay in caravans near ours.  People from the country and city, it doesn't matter what our backgrounds are, when we're in the caravan park, we're all one.   

As always, I'm having major culture shock being home.  I love living in Sydney but I also enjoy escaping the rat race.

I thought I'd share some of my family photos with you. 

Are you on Instagram?  I'm addicted.  

Looking forward to catching up with you. Px

Each day I walk 4kms up Big Beach
I love being alone

Beach bling.  Bought at a local market

I always come across something interesting.
Last year it was a brown snake at the waters edge!

My lonely footsteps

I also spend time exploring the rock pools and 'hard to get to' coves.
I love collecting flotsam to use in my sea dolls
Sometimes I just sit and take it all in.  I can do this for hours

The four of us on Christmas Day

My big nine year old

My little sister and I

My favourite cousin

Little Beach at magic hour (my favourite)

Little Beach and our magical spot on New Years Day

That's Elephants Head in the background
And when I arrived home, this was waiting for me.  From gorgeous Jacqi who lives in LA


Pearl Maple said...

sounds like a lovely summer holiday break for you and the family, nothing like a sea breeze to blow off the cobwebs of everyday life

spectacularfairywren said...

ah lovely - a dose... love the photos thanks.

i spent three weeks on the coast - in Coffs, Sawtell, Mylestom, Urunga - the old stomping ground... was beautiful. My favourite - up the creek at Boambee with me and the big boy in a kayak chasing fish and jellyfish!

Glad you had a super holiday. Hope you aren't too sad about being home. Was a bit flattening for me.

Maya Nagel said...

Love your pics. You are sooo beach chic. How awesome to do those alone walks. I'd love to do that.

Daydream Living said...

Hi Pru!
So lovely to read this post! Always nice to hear how you are doing, specially love the umbrella photo btw, lovely!
I'm on IG too so will look for you.
Bye for now,
Maureen xx