Thursday, February 07, 2013

Making Stuff...

I wasn't the best blogger last year!  I was concentrating more on opening my Etsy shop and my Facebook Page, Pinterest and Instagram.  I seemed to lose touch with my own blog but still enjoyed finding inspiration through yours.

I must say, I'm embarrassed to say I've sold nothing from my Etsy shop.  I spent so much time on it I'm now actually quite disillusioned.  Girlfriends who've bought my sea dolls think they need to be seen to be truly appreciated as they're tactile and photos of them just don't do them justice.  I think they're just trying to make me feel better!  What are your thoughts?!!  Where should I go from here?

Here are some of my favourite creations from 2012 and early 2013.

How is 2013 treating you so far?  I must say mine is cruising along just fine (for the moment).  My boys have settled back into school really well (believe it or not) and I'm enjoying creating again.  I've also decided to not be so hard on myself this year and to go with the flow and accept things as they come.  I'm not going to overcommit to things I really don't enjoy and am going to do more things that I love or have never tried.    Well, that's the idea anyway.  Love, Px

Bead and wire love heart
Sea dolls.  A favourite family
A very special sea doll made for Luke's Kindy buddy, Poppy
My Eclectic Paper Wreath
Inspired by Family Chic blog 

No year of mine is complete without a few God's Eyes.
This one was made with driftwood I painted

I loved making this wire and bead Christmas Tree.
This is up at our Caravan.
Inspired by Handmade Charlotte. I adore her version and blog.  You really should stop by

I made and sold a few of my driftwood Christmas trees

I even made a shell and bead garland for one of them
My shell Christmas Wreath which I made for my best friend, Jacqi who now lives in LA
Luke, my son painted the love heart which made it extra special

My son Gus's Advent Calendar.  Inspired by Sweet Paul
I wanted to make him this as he's a Christmas Day baby and also before he thinks it's too uncool.  He was nine so I'm thinking my days for this type of thing are well and truly numbered!

Every matchbox was individually wrapped with awesome paper

I made this sweet copper crown..
Inspired by the Christmas edition of Country Style magazine

And my favourite.  This driftwood salad bowl!


Jenn said...

Etsy is a tough marketplace. It's huge, so it can be very hard to catch anyone's attention there. It takes a lot of work to build an audience. If you've been successful at craft fairs, maybe etsy could be your backup? For myself, I know I don't sell a lot from gallery shows, but people take my card and often buy from the shop later.

Stacey said...

i've missed seeing your posts and your what you create! i have a feeling your etsy shop will take off soon! fingers crossed for you:-)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Maybe you could set up your own website and sell them directly..., with the right keywords and all. You could create a beautiful online gallery (I think they need a gallery environment!) Then promote them via facebook. It's pretty simply to implement pay pal buy buttons.

Flotsam Friends said...

Thanks gorgeous Maya. I was thinking of using my FB page. Is there anyone out there doing that that you know of? Would love to take a look. Did you see my Etsy shop? Did you like the way the sea dolls look there? You have the best eyes in the business. How is NYC? Are you still living in Battery Park? Px